Let's make a Risk Based Testing Strategy

Ministry of Testing - Copenhagen
Ministry of Testing - Copenhagen
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Testing provides knowledge, which can be worth a lot, especially if the project we are on deal with business risks.

In this meetup, let's actually make a risk based test strategy!

We will do it collaboratively and work with publicly available information about a real project. To get us started and not limit thinking too much, we will use a simple model of what a test strategy is, something (e.g. a document) that provides answers to items like:

• What quality means (in the context)?
• Ideas and decisions about testing approach
• Hoped for outcomes of testing: Risks qualified, certainty provided, information communicated
• Acceptance criteria
• Constraints
• Stake holders

The meetup will be facilitated to create an engaging space in which collaboration can take place. The agenda will be flexible, but will include:

1. Welcome and introduction to the case and scope of the test strategy
2. Brain storming on risks in the project
3. Workshop in groups: Developing the testing strategy
4. Presentation and discussion of developed strategies
5. Wrap up

Skills required: Knowledge of and experience with testing (any type); interested in learning more about testing strategy.

Expected outcomes:

- Practical knowledge analysing a complex business case for risks relevant to testing
- Inspiration for making your own testing strategies
- A fun time collaborating with other people passionate about testing

• Pizza and drinks will be sponsored by ASYM APS (http://www.asym.dk/).