Testing roles are shifting, but where to?

Ministry of Testing - Copenhagen
Ministry of Testing - Copenhagen
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MIRACLE, Borupvang 2C, ground floor

New ways of delivering software and solutions challenge existing perceptions of what roles and activities testers and test managers have. Some are getting more into development others into people skills. Sometimes forcefully, other times as part of self-organizing teams.

The testing roles are undergoing a redefinition, as people asks

- what happens to me as a tester in agile teams

- What happens to me as a tester when we use devOps

- Why is it ok to test in production?

- Where is my cheese

Join Anders and Jesper in a facilitated discussion on the bigger shifts in competencies for testers and test managers and explore trends like

- shift-coach

- Shift-left

Together we will discuss how to continue to add value to our customers while moving both up and sideways in the value chain.

Program for the evening:

- presentation of existing trends

- food by our sponsor

- open discussion of trends in groups