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Protreptic Salon on Play and Passion

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We hereby invite to a fun and interesting "protreptic" salon in Copenhagen, this time with musician, teacher, and software tester Jess Ingrassellino from New York.

Join Jess, coach Karen Gjesing, and Anders Dinsen in a salon with the theme “Play and Passion” at:

Prinsesse Charlottesgade 31, kld, 2200 København N

Growing up, we become serious and think that play is childish behavior to be abandoned. Later we discover that the truth about play is more nuanced.

Play represents a very human aspect of life and it seems to have power to connect us to passions and personal values even in difficult situations.

The subject we would like to explore is how we stay true to ourselves, thrive, and face challenges of our professional roles in playful ways.

We wish to uncover wisdom about how we can playfully be productive, nurture our relations, and perhaps even serve higher causes.

Due to the limited number of chairs and intimate nature of the salon, please apply by writing an e-mail to [masked]

Unfortunately, registering here is not enough to secure a seat.

Full inviation is here. (