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The Ministry of Testing exists to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional and forward thinking way.

Our meetups exist as a way to bring people together to talk and learn about good and authentic testing. We encourage everyone who is interested in making better software products to come along and participate.

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The Ministry of Testing exists to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional and forward thinking way.

Our meetups exist to bring people together to talk and learn about good and authentic testing.

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The 10Cs Towards Becoming a Testing Practitioner

In this session, test lead Sowmya Ramesh will be giving us her thoughts on what it takes to be a test professional, expert and leader through her 'The 10Cs Towards Becoming a Testing Practitioner' presentation. Sowmya has recently presented at the DevTest Summit in Glasgow and is an active blogger for her employer, 2i Testing. We will also have lightning talks from Feng Zhu on applying BDD techniques at the discovery phase, such as refinement and Jo Mahadevan on good practices in implementing automated test suites using Gherkin Plan of Attack: 18:00 - Doors open - Networking 18:45 - Welcome message! 19:00 - Lightning Talk - Feng Zhu 19:10 - Lightning Talk - Jo Mahadevan 19:20 - Sowmya Ramesh - 10 Cs Towards Becoming a Testing Practitioner 20:00- Activity 20:30 - Post Meetup Social (AKA pub) Synopsis: Not to be mystified with any connections to the 10 commandments, this session is all about professional development. The metamorphosis from being a test manager to a testing practitioner has been a personal aspiration which led me to think of the attributes demonstrated by some of highly seasoned professionals I look up to. Strangely enough, a lot of them seem to start with the letter C – what a ‘co-incidence’ you might say! In this session I wish to share my thoughts on what it takes to be a testing professional commanding respect of peers, someone who has transitioned from an amateur to expert status, one who is considered a leader in thoughts and actions. As much as this is about technical competence, there are several behavioural aspects expected at such a level in one’s career. I am on an endeavour to understand whether we all have these qualities innately or can we develop some of them through various techniques? Needless to mention all alphabets are welcome to this session! Hope to C you there! Thanks and Sponsorship: This venue will both be hosted and sponsored by Scott Logic. Thanks again for your continued support and sponsorship of our Meetup! About Sowmya: Sowmya is a testing professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in a range of business domains in a consultancy environment. Having started her career as a developer, she found her way into testing and has not looked back since. Apart from testing, Sowmya is deeply interested in the topic of accessibility – hence she considers herself a champion for quality and equality! Currently a test lead, Sowmya has been an active blogger within her company and considers blogging to be one of the best forms of expression in current times. She enjoys interacting with people and believes communication is one of the most important aspects of her professional life. Outside work, Sowmya is a mother of two young children and a trained Indian classical dancer. Curious, meticulous and tenacious – that’s Sowmya in a nutshell.

Online ONLY - Testing Ask Me Anything - Whole Team Testing - Lisa Crispin

ONLINE ONLY We have a new Ask Me Anything live webinar on Tuesday 9th April at 8 pm UK time. This time we're talking about Whole Team Testing. mabl are sponsoring this AMA. mabl is the most reliable codeless UI testing service available, enabling continuous testing with an auto-healing automation framework and maintenance-free test infrastructure. Using proprietary machine learning models to automatically identify application issues, including javascript errors, visual regressions, broken links, increased latency, and more, mabl brings traditional UI testing to the modern age. Find out more about mabl. Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Lisa Crispin to answer all your questions. One of the cornerstones of agile development is the whole-team focus on building quality into the software. On high-performing teams, everyone takes responsibility for testing, regardless of their official role or self-identified specialities. The DevOps movement has built on this, putting even more focus on delivery teams collaborating with Operations and other teams to build testable infrastructure and enabling continuous delivery. In this AMA, Lisa will answer questions about how whole-team testing works in practice. If you’re wondering how in the world you get non-testers interested in doing work that they’ve purposely avoided in the past, or interested in newer practices that involve more of the delivery team, such as pair and mob testing, please join in with your questions. Once you've registered you could ask Lisa any question you might have, here are a few more examples: When I try to get developers to do testing, they say it’s not their job. What can I do about that? Other people on my cross-functional team say they want to learn how to do testing. How can I help them learn skills? What skills should I start with? I’m on a separate test automation team. It’s difficult to automate tests for (name some reason, such as, there are no unique identifiers in the UI). How can I get developers to make the code more testable? https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testing-ask-me-anything-whole-team-testing-lisa-crispin

A Journey into the Modern Testing principles

Hays Edinburgh

The Modern Testing Principles - Part 1 Within the Software Testing industry, we are lucky that we have people who are looking ahead to where our industry is going, how we can add value now and will continue to in the years to come. Alan Page and Brent Jensen’s A&B Testing podcast is one of the best discussions that looks at this very question. Anyone who has listened to the AB testing podcast will know of the “Modern Testing Principles” in April we are going to explore on what these are, what that means to us as a collective and individually. To explore the principles we are going to host a round table discussion on the principles Alan and Brent have created. Plan of Attack 18:00 - Doors Open 18:30 - Round Table Discussions (we will focus on principles 1-6) 20:30 - Pub May This is in preparation for May as we will be joined via a live Crowdcast by Alan (Sorry we could not afford a return flight from Seattle!) who will talk to us about the Modern Principles finalising in a Q&A. As you might be aware this meetup is part of a wider Meetup community (https://www.ministryoftesting.com/ministry-of-testing-meetups) and for May we will be joining with our Glasgow and Newcastle meetups for this very special session. Link to the AB Testing podcast https://www.angryweasel.com/ABTesting/ Alan Page Alan Page has been a software tester for over 25 years, and is currently the Director of Quality for Services (and self proclaimed Community Leader) at Unity Technologies. Previous to Unity, Alan spent 22 years at Microsoft working on projects spanning the company – including a two year position as Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence. Alan was the lead author of the book “How We Test Software at Microsoft”, contributed chapters for “Beautiful Testing”, and “Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation”. His latest ebook (which may or may not be updated soon) is a collection of essays on test automation called “The A Word: Under the Covers of Test Automation”, and is available on leanpub . This event is sponsored by Hays Recruitment. It's with thanks to Finley Hartsuiker for the Hosting and Sponsorship this event https://www.linkedin.com/in/finleyhartsuiker/ The principles of Modern Testing are: 1. Our priority is improving the business. 2. We accelerate the team, and use models like Lean Thinking and the Theory of Constraints to help identify, prioritize and mitigate bottlenecks from the system. 3. We are a force for continuous improvement, helping the team adapt and optimize in order to succeed, rather than providing a safety net to catch failures. 4. We care deeply about the quality culture of our team, and we coach, lead, and nurture the team towards a more mature quality culture. 5. We believe that the customer is the only one capable to judge and evaluate the quality of our product 6. We use data extensively to deeply understand customer usage and then close the gaps between product hypotheses and business impact.

A Journey into the Modern Testing principles

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Part 2 of A Journey into the Modern Testing principles Don't worry if you missed part 1, you will still get takeaways! Details to Follow

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