Leveraging Tools and AI to enable Testing


Hi MOT Edinburgh!

This month’s talk comes all the way from NZ! James Farrier who is on a flying visit to (currently) sunny Scotland is going to talk to us about how he us using AI to help predict where to look for potential defects.

James is a Test lead/manager specializing in Automation. James spoken at meetups in NZ and some conferences including a highlight being Selenium conf 2015.


Synopsis below:
There are a number of challenges faced by software testers throughout the industry, including lack of time and test instability. James will discuss how he has created a tool capable of automating the manual processes involved in test automation. He will also go through how he has used AI to help predict risk and how his company utilizes this to help teams create fewer defects.

Thank you in advance to our hosts and sponsors Scott Logic!

Plan of Attack!
• 18:15 - Doors open, Pizza and Drinks
• 18:45 - Welcome and quick introductions
• 19:00 – Testing with AI
• 19:30 - Break
• 19:45 – Lean Coffee
• 20:30 - Pub

More info on Lean Coffee