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The Ministry of Testing exists to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional and forward thinking way.

Our meetups exist as a way to bring people together to talk and learn about good and authentic testing. We encourage everyone who is interested in making better software products to come along and participate.

You can find out more about what we do at http://www.ministryoftesting.com

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API and Web Testing: why it’s so important?

We are going to define the presentation and, as soon as possible, we will update the agenda of our first meetup 18:30 - Doors open - networking 18:30 - Welcome message 18:45 - Using OpenAPI for Testing 19:15 - Create a more reliable application with Cypress 19:45 - Round table (questions, discussion) 20:00 - Post-Meetup Social (AKA Pub) Presentations detail -- Using OpenAPI for Testing with Maarten Van Hoof https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrtnvh/ As a developer, working with REST API dependencies ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Security implications, parallel development, time or budget restrictions for writing documentation, …, in an enterprise you might not always have the ability to rely on your REST API dependencies for development, let alone for an automated testing environment. The OpenAPI ecosystem offers us solutions in the form of virtually complete independence from a REST API during development and testing. Maarten will guide you through a high-level overview of what the OpenAPI spec. is, how it can benefit front end development and how to use an automated OpenAPI mocking server in a test suite. ========================================= Create a more reliable application with Cypress with Hernani Fernandes https://www.linkedin.com/in/hernani-fernandes/ After using E2E tools like Selenium and Puppeteer that gave me a lot of headaches to maintain I finally found Cypress. In this keynote, I will show how to set up, implement and integrate into a CI/CD following the Cypress guidelines of E2E development.

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