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[LUNCH]- Pipelines not Paperwork - 6 week delivery to every week

--Outline-- The problem: we delivered slowly and with outages. The solution: Instead of filling in documents, we automated. The result: the bank’s biggest customer-facing platform is now updated with new features every single week, with no impact to our customers. We changed all this in only 16 weeks. --Talk Description-- What does it take a large corporation to transform its delivery capability on its largest directly customer facing platform? 16 weeks, a common goal and spades of empowerment. At the start of last year ANZ undertook an initiative called ADAPT. We had one goal: releasing our Internet Banking platform every week, during business hours, with no downtime for our customers using ANZ’s Internet Banking website and goMoney mobile apps. This wasn’t a simple goal. Previously, our Internet Banking platform was updated only seven or eight times a year, with complete outage and significant customer impact every time. The code base is a monolith, and re-architecting it was not practical in the available time. Our processes were bureaucratic and extremely time consuming. We faced a lot of scepticism from the organisation that this was achievable at all, let alone within the time we had. Nevertheless, we got the go ahead to try to achieve our goal. Speaker: Carlie Osborne --About Carlie-- Carlie has been working in software delivery since 2004, after discovering a keen talent for spotting broken stuff and finding a great career for this in testing. Over the next 14 years, working in various roles from testing and delivery, through to product management, she has a developed a great sense for transforming the way software is delivered and using Agile practises to work smarter and get great features in front of users, faster. Carlie is currently the Product Owner for a new Business Owners Tribe at ANZ. -- How will this session run? -- This is a talk of approximately 30 minutes followed by Q&A and lunch. Please arrive at ANZ at 12:00pm for a prompt start time of 12:10pm. Please do not bring your own lunch as it is provided. There will be an opportunity after the presentation to mingle and ask questions from the presenters, if you can extend your lunch break. -- Getting into the building -- When you arrive at 171 Featherston Street, there will be an ANZ staff member to help out, to get to Meeting Suite Level 18.

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