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Link to our discord server https://discord.gg/PuXj8ZWwx5

Full disclosure this group costs around $250 a year to maintain with advertising and other miscellaneous costs. I don't want to charge people for events but If you would like to donate to the group the suggested donation amount is $5 per person per year.

Paypal is @JeremyTheis, venmo is @Jeremy-Theis-1 and if you donate you can get a custom nickname below your name like "meetup veteran" or whatever else you want lemme know.

Hello all this group will mirror the saint Paul and 20s and 30s something social group. The plan for this group is to go to more breweries patios, walks around the lake, a bunch of outdoor stuff, and some sprinkling in of nightlife, cool bars and other miscellaneous social events.
Our primary purpose is to allow others to meet new humans and form new connections. I'll welcome any suggestions as well.
**We also now host a weekly year round pick up game of football at Todd Park every Saturday morning.
***We now host weekly pick up co-ed basketball game every Sunday morning.
****We also now have a weekly year round ultimate Frisbee game every Wednesday night at Bryn MAWR Park at 5:30.
*****We also do a seasonal pick up volleyball game every Thursday at 5:30 at Bde Me Ska Volleyball courts unless there's a Break the bubble event then we play on Tuesdays. We need at least 10 people to sign up on meetup to make it happen.
******Please check the discussions tab as you join for links to other sports groups including a volleyball and a mojo kickball game not actively managed by this group. Feel free to post links to other helpful groups as well.
*******We have a discord server as well that the link will be thrown around occasionaly.
**********We just added a book club and it could go once a month or based on interest join the discussion on discord to vote on the book.
*********Just added some trivia on Wednesdays

Upcoming events (4+)

Go make new friends at Williams peanut bar with free pool (1st game)

Williams Uptown Pub & Peanut Bar

Located in the heart of uptown this bar has graciously hosted our group over the years.

I’ve negotiated a limited number of 2 for 1 drink tickets and the first game of pool is free per table

Whether your new to meetup or have been coming a while this is a great opportunity to meet some new people. If your new to these sorts of events here’s the general format. Show up throw on a name tag so we know your in the group introduce yourself and then some play some pool.

Links to other Invited groups:
Check out Fun in Uptown! https://meetu.ps/c/1F8Dv/JJ1KD/d on Meetup

Check out 20s/30s Twin Cities Nightlife https://meetu.ps/c/2LksS/JJ1KD/d on Meetup

Check out Saint Paul 20 & 30-Somethings https://meetu.ps/c/4mBpD/JJ1KD/d on Meetup

laser tag nonsense

Tactical Urban Combat Mall of America

alright folks.

I'm trying to gather a team of 10 on 10 for some laser tag.

the normal cost of doing this would be 15 dollars per person per half hour.

or 30 dollars per person per hour.

with the group discount rate it'll cost $387.10 and roughly $19.30.

some of us have known each other for a while through this but don't be worried if your new here. this is a friendly group of people.

we can grab drinks or food before or after if people say where they're interested.

venmo me @Jeremy-theis-1


PayPal me @JeremyTheis

to reserve your spot.

if we don't get enough people interested I'll refund people or we can each pay the individual rate.

Coed indoor volleyball (beginner to intermediate)

Grace Fellowship

Join us at Grace Fellowship in Brooklyn Park for beginner-friendly indoor volleyball!

Some folks have expressed interest in having one court for drills/practice/skill development and the other for normal play. We'll see how it goes!

Co-ed Football 🏈

Todd Park

Todd Park
5600, Chicago ave, Minneapolis
Runs along bus routes too
Hi All. We have been playing a friendly game of touch football for several years now as a group. People of all skill levels are welcome to play, any age, sex, everyone is welcome. It is a laid back game so if your goal is to go pro then this is not the game for you. Sportsmanship and just having fun is required! Please don't worry if the rsvp numbers are low, we have a lot of players who reply via my text messages.

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Coed indoor volleyball (beginner to intermediate)

Grace Fellowship

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