October Azure User Group: Azure Resource Manager Concepts - Simplified


Please join us for the October Minnesota Azure User Group meeting! This months topic will be presented by Brian Moore, a Program Manager on the Azure Resource Manager Team.

Title: Azure Resource Manager Concepts - Simplified

Description: Azure Resource Manager is the “front door” to Azure and provides a number of services based on a simple REST API, ranging from deploying and managing resources (i.e. infrastructure), as well as securing, controlling and auditing those resources global or private clouds. All of this can be done with a declarative (JSON Templates) or imperative approach (PowerShell, CLI, SDKs). This is a broad range of topics that we’ll touch on briefly and then save time for deep discussions where needed.

About Brian: Brian is a Program Manager on the Azure Resource Manager Team with over 25 years of software development experience. He has experience working in consumer, small business and enterprise software including multiple patents on the Windows operating system. For the past 6 years he has been helping customers and partners onboard workloads into Azure using the latest best practices for cloud-based DevOps pipelines in order to develop, test and run reliable, resilient and redundant applications in the cloud.

Follow Brian on Github at https://github.com/bmoore-msft

Food is provided free of charge at this meeting by ThousandEyes! ThousandEyes monitors network infrastructure, troubleshoots application delivery and maps Internet performance, all from a SaaS-based platform.

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