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We're transitioning from this meetup group to GolangMN (https://meetup.com/GolangMN), which was the original meetup group that started back in 2014. The main reason we're doing this is to take advantage of some consistent branding across meetup, social media, as well as a website. But first things first. You are the community, and we want to make sure you know about all the great things coming up in the coming months. So right now, please take a moment to join the GolangMN group and follow us on Twitter:

https://www.meetup.com/golangmn/ ­

https://twitter.com/GolangMN ­

We'll start posting events there starting with March!

This meetup group will soon become dormant, and eventually will be no more. So don't miss out on the Go-goodness, join the GolangMN crew! Have a great 2020.

Jesse, Jack, and Calvin

We are focused on Go (golang (http://golang.org)) training, bootcamps, lunch and learns and more. We will have several free and paid events that will give you the background, knowledge, and tools to become the best Go developer you can be.

We are heavily focused on community as well. Many of our instructors donate their time to free Lunch & Learns, Go Bridge, etc. We want to get to know the Minneapolis Go community and continue to promote it's growth.

For information on local, online, and language resources, visit this community document (http://bit.ly/minneapolis-golang).

Logo/Gopher based on original artwork from the amazing Renee French (http://reneefrench.blogspot.com/).

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