Minneapolis Rust Meetup - November 2018

This is a past event

20 people went

Bitwise IO Office

126 3rd Street · Minneapolis, MN

How to find us

Take the elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor and take a sharp left. The office is behind the elevator on the left.

Location image of event venue



6:30 PM
Eat pizza and socialize with other Rustaceans

7:00 PM
Boyd Johnson: A Rust Generics Overview - Come learn about turbofish, angle brackets, and type parameters

Dr. Ted Kaminski: Async is coming - The Rust support for Futures and Async/Await is still developing, but some aspects of the design are finalized. We'll compare Node.js, C#, and the part of the Rust design that we can reliably anticipate, as well as motivate why we're interested in asynchronous (concurrent) programming in the first place.

Dr. Ted Kaminski is presently writing a book on software design with a new exploratory essay every week at the link below. Several of the most recent articles are about concurrency.