What we're about

Who Should Join: Computer and security enthusiasts who want to participate in Capture the Flag (CTF) events.

What will this meetup do? Train for upcoming capture the flag events. Organize one or more teams to participate in local or remote CTF events.

Suggested Resources:

picoCTF (https://picoctf.com/)(2019 challenges are done but still online. great practice)

OverTheWire (https://overthewire.org/wargames/) "The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. "

CTFtime (https://ctftime.org/)is a clearinghouse for upcomming CTF events, team rankings, solved challenges

CTF Field Guide (https://trailofbits.github.io/ctf/)

Upcoming events (1)

Innaugural Practice Meeting

Saint Anthony Park Library

Agenda: * Introductions (15 min) * Identify Categories to Practice (by raising hands?) - 15 minutes * Tool Demonstration (Tool TBD) 20 minutes * Challenge Walk-Through 15 minutes * hands-on practice 45 minutes * Review upcoming CTFs 10 minutes Notes: Library opens at 11:30 so we'll need 5 minutes to get going. We will have salty snacks. Bring a laptop if possible. Prerequisites: Listen to Darknet Diaries Ep 43 for inspiration (https://darknetdiaries.com/episode/43/)