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Minnesota Skeptics - Drinking Skeptically
We had a good run at our previous venues and appreciate all they've done but the deli has closed and the owner of that bar hasn't changed. I've chosen the Black Forest Inn for our meet-up. I've been going there regularly with a large group of 20-40 every month for years. They are super nice and very accommodating. Separate checks isn't an issue, flexible seating/group size is cool. The wait staff has uncanny memory of who is who if we move around from table to table. There is great beer and good food. I hope you all like this place. There are few places that don't require a fee or minimum food/drink order for a quiet place to hang out with a variable unknown sized group. PLEASE RSVP HERE SO I CAN UPDATE OUR RESERVATION AS THE NUMBERS CHANGE. Mostly we sit around and chat, Skeptical topics predominate but conversations evolve naturally and pretty much any topic people find interesting can be on offer. Then again, Skepticism permeates just about everywhere... Occasionally we will have a speaker or presenter, and any ideas or suggestions are always welcome. Please know that "Drinking Skeptically" is a name of casual meet-ups used by many Skeptics groups across the country but does not mean that people will be expected to be drinking, or won't fit in if they don't. There are several members of our group who do not consume alcohol. Any and all persons are welcome with no pressure to partake. Free Parking in the lot by Glam Doll Donuts or street parking.

Black Forest Inn

1 E 26th St · Minneapolis, MN

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Had enough of astrologers, psychics, homeopaths, ghost hunters, aliens, conspiracy theorists, creationists, and snake oil salesmen? Yearning to talk with someone rational for a while? Skeptics are interested in critical thinking, science, and the psychologies of belief and perception. Come meet with local skeptics for some refreshing and sane conversation.

Every 2nd Thursday, we are "Drinking Skeptically". Sometimes we have topics and sometimes we don't. Mostly the discussion is about current science events and other skeptical topics. Or... sign up for newbie night (, our book club (, or create your own event.



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