What we're about

This is what I would call practical Taoism, or traditional Taoism. This is NOT religious or metaphysical Taoism, which arose much later in history. It is based on the Tao Te Jing.

We will meet on Sundays at 11a.m. for one hour. We will meditate for the first thirty minutes, then listen to a 15 minute Tao talk by a seasoned practitioner, and close by reading a chapter from Brian Browne Walker's I Ching (as a guide to wisdom, not divination). We will listen to acoustic, meditative music after meditating, after the Tao talk, and after reading the I Ching. We will go out for coffee together after to get to know one another.

I am currently looking for a space in NE Minneapolis, the Arts District, as well as musicians, and an experienced practitioner to give the talks. I will give the talks in the interim as I have already written at least 6 months worth of topics. If you wish to collaborate with me please contact me, I could use the help in getting this going.

Eventually we will have our own building. My vision is a beautiful, simple, space with natural elements. If you are a Feng Shui practitioner and wish to volunteer your services please contact me.

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