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Any songwriter should join us! Even if you don't live in Minnesota, come onboard! We meet via Zoom, even after Covid! The Minnesota Association of Songwriters is a non-profit group created to promote the art, craft, and promotion of songwriting. We invite all genres and experience levels. We offer a variety of opportunities for Songwriting Workshops, Song Review Meetings, and Live Showcases. Our Songwriting Workshops are the 2nd Thursday of each month. Our Song Review meetings are the Last Wednesday of each month. We invite you to join us! Come see what the MN Association of Songwriters is all about! You can check out 2 events for free, then we ask you become a member for $35 a year. Get more info. https://www.mnsongwriters.org

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Online Songwriting Workshop - Writing the Bridge and Final Rewriting

In March, our monthly songwriting workshop will continue our series of learning about each song section. This workshop will focus on how to write the bridge section. We will explore the function of a bridge, and how you can tie that into the rest of your song. We have already explored verses and hooks....now it is time to "take it to the bridge."

We will also learn about the art of rewriting. Many people say it isn't writing your songs that make them great, it is the rewriting. But what does that mean? We will explore how you can use your inner critic in a positive way. We will discuss what to look for in your first draft that can help you take your songs to the next level.

We will use the concepts of contrast and prosody to craft our songs. There are lyrical, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic tools that are at every writer command. It takes awareness and practice. We will teach you how to start using these tools.

Come prepared to have fun networking and working with other songwriters. You will leave with ideas, tools, and tips that you can use in your writing over and over.

We welcome all songwriters to our workshops that we hold monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Please check out http://www.mnsongwriters.org for more information on our group, and how you can become an official member. We look forward to meeting you!

Online Songwriting Workshop: Writing the Melody First

There are many ways to write songs. This month we are going to explore how to Write the Melody first.

Melody is such an important part of any song. It is the vehicle that delivers your lyrical message, and many times people hear the melody before they know the lyrics. Writing melody first can open the doors to creating some really strong songs.

In this online songwriting workshop we are going to do live discussions and live demonstrations of some techniques of writing a melody first. Many songwriters use these techniques. Join us to learn different ways to creating new songs.

The Minnesota Association of Songwriters is a non-profit group that has a mission to educate and promote the craft of Songwriting. We focus on Minnesota, but we welcome Songwriters from any state. We welcome people to attend 2 meetings for free, but then kindly ask you to become a paid member for $35 per year. We offer many benefits and many opportunities to connect, and learn with other songwriters. Visit http://www.mnsongwriters.org for more info. Most of our meetings will be held online, even post Covid. We look forward to meeting you!

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