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Meeting and/or conference call to get the conversation started re: training here
Tentative. Details on location and teleconference TBD. Possibility for TB USA training. Organizers from each time bank in the state are invited to meet to talk about what we might want to do. The coordinator from Dane County, WI, Stephanie Rearick, is a national leader in time banking and is making a training tour across the country. Each time bank is invited to have a person serve as an official liaison ("Event Host" in Meetup terminology) to this site to post events of interest to the MN time banking community as a whole. We can also use this site for other sorts of events. Examples of events to post to this site might include a "new members" orientation or other such outreach event that your time bank is having, or a neighborhood fair where the time bank will be exhibiting. It's just one more way to try to reach interested people and get them steered to a time bank near them (or help them get started with one if that's what they would like to do.)

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A site for organizing events of interest to time-bank participants and/or coordinators throughout the State of Minnesota. If your time bank would like to help define what this looks like, please e-mail one of the coordinators. We're putting this out there so that existing and newly forming time banks have a way to communicate and share. It's like a virtual co-working space, but also a way to get people together in face-to-face events. The rest is up to all of us! It would be great to have at least one person from each time bank involved. Maybe we can put on a conference at some point.

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