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Editing Photos in Lightroom
Cost of the class is $80. To register visit . In the film days, the hard work of processing the photos was handled by someone else. Digital photos also require some "processing." To help with the processing, camera manufacturers provided free software, Adobe created Photoshop, and several other companies offered editing solutions. The problem was that many of these applications while powerful could be difficult to learn and use. Adobe created Lightroom with the goal of making it easy for photographers to organize, manage and edit photos. During this course we will spend all of our time working in Lightroom's Develop module. We will start with a basic workflow that you can adapt to fit your needs. As part of the basic workflow, we will spend time discussing each of the develop panels. These panels allow the editor to make "general" adjustments to the image. Next we will spend time using the tool bar capabilities to perform more targeted or localized edits. This is where some of the real power behind Lightroom is located. This is one of our most popular classes. We provide a lot of hands-on labs to help you understand the concepts being presented. You will also be provided sample images to work with during the class. For more information and to register go to:

Dow Art Gallery

2242 University Ave · Saint Paul, MN

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This group is for photographers that are interested in workshops, seminars, and photowalks. We put a large emphasis on hands-on learning in workshops, knowledge transfer in seminars, and the social aspect in photowalks. We enjoy meeting and sharing in the photo community.

About Minnesota Exposure Education

Minnesota Exposure Education is a division of Minnesota Exposure.

Minnesota Exposure Education is designed to provide a number of different learning and shooting experiences. To keep things simple, we are offering 3 levels of activities:

• Dow Gallery Series - In partnership with the Dow Gallery in St. Paul, we are offering ½ day classes designed to improve your photography. These classes consist of a 2 hour lecture followed by a 2 hour photo shoot. The photo shoot is designed to reinforce the lessons learned during the lecture.

• Workshop Series - Weekend long, on-location workshops. These run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The workshops consist of lectures, multiple shooting locations, and critiques.

• Shoot Along Series - Free Photo Shoots. This series provides an opportunity to shoot along side Minnesota Exposure Instructors at some of the locations that they enjoy visiting. We keep these limited in size in order to make for a better overall experience for the participants.

About Minnesota Exposure

Minnesota Exposure is a group of photographers looking to create opportunities for other photographers in the state of Minnesota and the regional area. It is our goal to provide a chance for photographic work to be shown, sold, and produce greater exposure for the photography community.

The mission of Minnesota Exposure is simple: Create more opportunities for photographers. As photographers ourselves, we are well aware of the difficulty experienced trying to make a living or extra income from our hobby or passion. With this in mind, we are creating a process for opening doors to what we all want: a chance to grow as an artist and get paid for your work.

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