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Godless Gamers - Board Game Night
Newcomers, please don't be deterred from attending by a low RSVP number. This has been a regular weekly meet up for several years now. We tend to have 5-10+ attendees beyond the number of people who RSVP on meetup. If you need to interview an atheist for a class, please email a Minnesota atheist board member. While many atheists are happy to talk about their beliefs, this meetup is focused on social gaming. Our organization will find a volunteer for you to interview at a appropriate venue. Email: [masked] Please note: Fantasy Flight Game Center is located just off Cleveland Avenue, across the street from the Roseville post office and opposite a Carquest auto parts store. There's no direct exit from 35W to County Road B2, so you may want to map your route in advance. Join us every Thursday night at the fabulous Fantasy Flight Game Center, featuring fine food, a bounty of beverages, and games galore. (Everyone is welcome to bring their favorite games, from cribbage to Carcassonne, but FFGC has an extensive library of games on hand for us to play, so no one has to bring anything.) There is a huge array available, from jump-right-in casual games to hunker-down strategic wargames. Anyone and everyone will find new favorites! We start at 6:00 p.m. and go as long as people want to—the space is available until midnight! If you arrive late and find everyone engrossed in games, don't fret—just grab something to eat or drink and sit, watch, and heckle (optional) until the next game opens up. We're always at the tables to the left of the entrance, so don't be shy—announce you're one of us and we'll welcome you into our gregarious group. If you''re not sure, most of the staff at Fantasy Flight know who we are and they can direct you! Though the menu is nice, there is no minimum purchase required for using this space. Let's continue our habit of being excellent customers, and make them happy to have us. If you order the vinegar fries, you may be asked to consume them away from the group as, while I hear they are delicious, the strong smell makes several of our attendees feel sick. See you there!

Fantasy Flight Games Center

1975 County Road B2 · Roseville, MN