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Minnesota Atheists is Minnesota's oldest and largest atheist organization. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization that seeks to promote the positive contributions of atheism to society, provides a community for nonbelievers, educates the public about atheism, and promotes separation of state and church. We help make atheism part of mainstream society. We look forward to meeting you!

We are a member-supported organization. Everyone who works for Minnesota Atheists is a volunteer, but getting our word out does cost money. This site, our website, mailing newsletters, filming a cable TV show and participating in public events like festivals and parades all add up. We can do all of this thanks to you!

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Socially Distant Heathens' Highway Cleanup

Carbone's Pizza Bar & Grill

Lock downs are over, people are starting to venture out, but we are by no means in the clear as cases rise. That said, we still have a stretch of highway we have adopted and haven't done the spring pickup yet. Let's get this done, the weekend after the fourth is probably going to be a prime time, I wonder how much fireworks litter we will find. THE PLAN: Meet in the Carbone's Pizza Bar & Grill Parking Lot. Put on your mask and come get your trash bags and reflective vest. I'll be there in my black Chevy Volt. You can take your mask off when you venture out to pick up trash. We are not going to put more than one household in a vehicle, so what we are going to do is start from Carbone's, walk the mile stretch and then double back to arrive back at Carbone's. Unless your household comes with two vehicles, that is what I am going to advise for everyone. Two miles isn't a bad walk at all. No organized lunch at Carbone's this time. You may drop your vests off at my car and continue about your day. Or bring a lawn chair to socialize outside as we all arrive back. This segment is a very doable two mile stretch with easy terrain and doesn't collect a terrible amount of trash. Here’s a map of the stretch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kw0Zls98xv-Vc9wM5g-s-YG_Q2U-rx_i&usp=sharing Dress for outside weather conditions with sturdy shoes and work gloves. The latest in highway vest fashion and trash bags will be supplied. If rain looks imminent, we will postpone it to Sunday, July 12 and it will be announced on this event page the day before.

Blasphemer's Brunch at Zoom Virtual Edition!!

Online event

Converted to virtual meeting; Prepare your favorite food and beverage then curl up with your device to join us for this online video meeting using Zoom for friendly discussion of matters large and small. Topics range from current events, popular and unpopular culture, science, religion and you name it. Everyone gets a chance to talk and listen. And occasionally pets make an appearance. Please keep your RSVP up-to-date, I will be sending out the meeting link via Meetup private messaging the day before the meetup. If you have not used Zoom before please take a moment prior to the meeting to visit https://zoom.us/download on your preferred device (PC, iPad, Android, etc.) to install app or browser plug-in. This meetup has been going strong since September 2012! Hope to see you soon!

Little Canada Book Club Online - The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey

Join us on July 12th at 2 p.m. for another online book club Meetup on Zoom. Here's where you can download the free software to join the discussion: https://zoom.us/ All those who RSVP will receive an invitation with the meeting I.D. and password. Be sure your Meetup profile is set up to receive messages, and if you don't receive one by 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 11th, please send Jack a message or leave a comment below. For our June meeting we will discuss The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey. From Amazon: Epigenetics can potentially revolutionize our understanding of the structure and behavior of biological life on Earth. It explains why mapping an organism's genetic code is not enough to determine how it develops or acts and shows how nurture combines with nature to engineer biological diversity. Surveying the twenty-year history of the field while also highlighting its latest findings and innovations, this volume provides a readily understandable introduction to the foundations of epigenetics. Nessa Carey, a leading epigenetics researcher, connects the field's arguments to such diverse phenomena as how ants and queen bees control their colonies; why tortoiseshell cats are always female; why some plants need cold weather before they can flower; and how our bodies age and develop disease. Reaching beyond biology, epigenetics now informs work on drug addiction, the long-term effects of famine, and the physical and psychological consequences of childhood trauma. Carey concludes with a discussion of the future directions for this research and its ability to improve human health and well-being. _______________ Continuing our practice of reading one work of fiction per year, our book for August will be a classic dystopian science fiction novel: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. It's time to look ahead for future selections. Please leave any suggestions in the comments section below. We will create a poll on Meetup to vote for favorites.

Freethinking Females ONLINE

Online event

Let's keep the Freethinking Females social going by taking it online! This time Heather is going to set an alarm so she doesn't forget to get the Zoom meeting going! We will continue to shatter the myth that atheist groups are male dominated with this women and women identified only event. Join us to discuss issues related to feminism, atheism, how we are dealing with the current state of things, or whatever else comes up! Join Zoom Meeting (phone or computer) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85199574239?pwd=cGpZTFZIQ3YxN1h4Sm1RaHc4YlFJdz09 It's easy to join just from your smart phone! 1) download the Zoom app 2) click on the link Or join by calling in:[masked] Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked] One tap mobile [masked],,[masked]#,,,,0#,,549044#

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Freethought Toastmasters Meeting

Online event

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