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What we’re about

Welcome to Minsk Token Economy Meetup! We will meet for training sessions, meetups and panel discussions with great guest speakers. 

This group is for anyone interested in peer-to-peer, distributed, decentralized ledger systems that have the potential to disrupt traditional enterprises in industries such as Insurance.

Join us if you want to:
- Understand blockchain's impact and its killer features
- Learn how blockchain can transform Banking, FinTech, Insurance, and Reinsurance
- Understand foundational business use cases of blockchain
- How these use cases can be addressed with blockchain
- View prototypes and working demos
- Get hands-on experience and under-the-hood technical implementation details
- What new challenges blockchain gives insurance companies
- Where are we in terms of blockchain maturity
- Learn key steps to get started

Come join our meetups, get educated, and interact with your peers in a friendly atmosphere!