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We are a supportive community of heart-centered, positive-minded beings who believe (or want to believe) that each of us can create our own joy, our own happiness, and the power to manifest a magnificent life and all the beauty and love we desire for ourselves and the world around us.

This group has been created with the intention of SPREADING MORE LOVE IN THE WORLD.

Our group will meet monthly in various locations throughout Ventura County to share a meal and support one another in magnetically attracting what we want (groups in other cities will be added when their is enough demand). Also, a monthly virtual gathering where we'll collectively call to call in the angels, guides, ancestors, divinity, and all light beings to support us personally and collectively to help manifest our intentions to co-create a world we'd love to be a part of. Study groups, movie nights, energy work, classes, and other events may be added too.

We are looking now for new Meeting Guides to facilitate Miracle Manifestation Groups all over the world and we are offering an easy DIY kit so that interested parties will have everything they need to launch, grow, and facilitate their own group with a minimal investment of time and money. If you would like to learn more about this - please contact Jennifer Martin - MiracleManifestationGroup @ Gmail.com

We look forward to knowing that one day soon, where ever you go in the world you can visit a welcoming community of loving Miracle Manifesters where you can feel at home.

Bless you for helping to make the world a better place just by showing up! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Does it seem like you can't ever get ahead financially? Do you make money, but have trouble keeping it? Do you feel stressed out just thinking about money? We all have a history with money and most of us have some kind of blocks holding us back from fully living an abundant life. I created this small group program a few years back to help you: ~Learn a fast and powerful tool that can help you move beyond your past limitations with money (income, savings, debt and business growth). ~Understand how you may have been sabotaging your own success and what you can do to turn things around so that you never return to the shortcomings of your past. ~Learn why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for everyone and what the secret missing ingredient is for success in manifesting more money in your life. ~Discover how you can break through financial barriers and start to experience empowered self- esteem. Isn't it time you felt good about the money in your life? SPECIAL OFFER for Members of Miracle Manifestation Groups - SAVE $50 Classes run 8 weeks and they are 1 hour per class. Groups will be held virtually so you can join from anywhere (phone, tablet, computer). Several options are available in these small group classes where EVERYONE participates! E-Mail Jennifer @ Miracle Manifestation Groups.com to hold your spot.

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