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Miracles Metaphysical Bookstore is a metaphysical bookstore located in St. Petersburg, Florida, specializing in books and gift products for New Age, Esoteric, and Spiritual beliefs. We offer many classes for spiritual growth and enlightenment on a regular basis.

Come and Explore our many books and spiritual gifts or sign up for one of our inspiring classes!

Here you'll find metaphysical supplies such as candles, incense, essential oils and gemstones, crystals, gorgeous jewelry, smudge supplies, spiritual and self-help books, Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand decks, Buddha and Goddess statues, and much more!!

On Special Saturdays we also offer astrology and psychic intuitive readings as well as esoteric classes at the store.

We wish to thank all of our repeat customers for their overwhelming support and we welcome all new customers to give us a try.

Please come and check out the many Miracles happening today!

Upcoming events (4+)

The Book Club

Temple of The Living God of St Petersburg

“It will change the way you think about the way life ‘happens’ to you and the way you respond.” “It is a brilliant, insightful and heart warming story mixing philosophy and magic of the most wonderful kind.”
Travel with us to unexpected places you won’t want to leave as we read and savor this acclaimed David Michie book.

Love Offering
PLEASE NOTE: Must have the book to participate.
Book available at Miracles Metaphysical Bookstore:[masked]
 Call to register:[masked]

Heart Energy Yoga (HEY!)

Temple of The Living God of St Petersburg

Live a life you love with Joy, Freedom and Grace.
HEY! is a unique blend of yoga postures and effective forgiving processes that assist us to release burdens and reclaim joy, access the Life Force more abundantly and uncover the radiance and light within.

The yoga postures are specially selected to lead us into our heart chakra. Each session is accompanied by an energy-enhancing hand position (mudra).

This yoga works for every body! (Bring a mat, if you have one.)
HEY! Yoga is gentle and moderate. Postures may be done on a mat or in a chair.
$40 for the series (includes HEY! Book) or $15 per class
LIMITED SEATING ~ Please call ahead or stop by Bookstore to register.

A Course in Miracles

Temple of The Living God of St Petersburg

Facilitator: Paul Cardillo
An open and ongoing experience in choosing a path back home to God and unity. Text and workbook are designed to assist us in letting go of guilt and the mistaken belief in separation from God.

This class provides an opportunity for group discussion of the week's lessons.
Love Offering

Psychic/Medium Practice Group

Miracles Metaphysical Bookstore

Lisa will be your guide as you ~
*Learn to tap into and develop your psychic gifts.
*Connect at a deeper lever and develop your inner knowing.
*Practice various psychic and mediumship exercises to develop your skills.
*Gain beautiful insights into your journey and deeper connections with yourself.

Lisa will begin the class with a short meditation to prepare for
the exercises.

Cost: $20

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A Course in Miracles

Temple of The Living God of St Petersburg

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