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What we’re about

Are you an avid data scientist always keen on trying new things? Do you use
data analysis in your daily work and you want to expand your toolkit? Are you looking for a more guided hands-on introduction instead of learning through a random forest of online tutorials?

MiraiLabs might be the answer for you!

At Mirai Solutions we truly believe that open source contributions and knowledge sharing are important tasks that data scientists need to take on. MiraiLabs is one small contribution towards a better future (== japanese Mirai).
Since we started, we have worked in many projects, given training and built an extensive data science expertise. None of it would have been possible without open source and online sharing. Having turned 10 years old, we think it’s the right moment to give something back.

MiraiLabs is a series of data science workshops aimed at professionals.
It will benefit people who work with data or models on a daily basis and would like to expand or strengthen their skill set.
In each workshop, an experienced practitioner will cover in some detail a topic relevant for any data scientist’s all-purpose toolkit. Materials will be made available and shared online.

In order to make the workshops effective and foster the interaction among participants, the events will have a limited number of attendees.