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An Exploration Into Security Tokens

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Together with our friends from DSTOQ ( we are organizing a meetup during the Malta Blockchain Summit.

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Meeting Room in the InterContinental Hotel Malta - St George`s Bay, St Julians, St Julian's STJ 3310, Malta


The financial services industry and cryptocurrency markets are rapidly changing and security tokens are the next natural step in their evolution. Security tokens offer a variety of features, hold intrinsic value and the potential to yield tremendous returns, which make its corresponding use cases so unique. As we head into the future, the demand for security tokens as a new financial instrument is expected to rise. Security tokens will revolutionize the way both traditional and crypto market investors view investment.

DSTOQ is hosting this meetup during the Malta Blockchain Summit on the evening of October 31, 2018 with Inter/stellar and Bloqhouse to present the latest technological, regulatory and compliance frameworks surrounding security tokens.


19:00-19:30: Attendee arrival, check-in
19:30-20:00: Keynote presentations
20:00-20:30: Panel discussion
20:30-21:30: Networking hour


DSTOQ ( is one of the world's first licensed stock exchanges giving individuals, especially in emerging markets, the opportunity to invest in and trade real-world assets that we tokenize on our platform. Investors are able to diversify their portfolios without ever leaving the token economy. The decentralized trading platform provides the perfect setting for high-speed and scalable transactions, allowing investors to buy assets much quicker and much simpler for a fraction of traditional transaction fees. We will also help companies raise money by facilitating STOs with the creation of their security tokens and a platform for them to be traded. DSTOQ is built on top of the Stellar blockchain.

Inter/stellar (, part of Stellar (, will make it easy for developers and enterprises to leverage Stellar as a platform to build novel financial products and services. Stellar is a decentralized platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people, allowing for the integration and movement of money quick, reliable, and at almost no cost. The team is based in San Francisco, CA.

Bloqhouse ( has developed a white-label tokenization solution for fund managers. The platform is legally compliant (EU) and includes a KYC-module, fiat payments and a trading module based on the Stellar DEX. Peer-to-peer blockchain networks revolutionize the way value, such as a real estate share, is transferred between people. By utilizing the latest technologies, the costs of managing investors and assets will decrease dramatically for fund managers. Bloqhouse aims to become the go-to tokenization and trading platform for real assets within the European Union.


DSTOQ: Craig Mc Gregor (Co-founder and CEO)

Interstellar: Boris Reznikov (Director of Partnerships)

Bloqhouse: Tim Rutgers (Co-founder)

We will be serving drinks, including wine and beer. Hope to see you all!

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