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Hello, fellow readers! If you're like me, there's quite a few classic novels you have to confess you've never read (or want to reread). I want to connect with others who want to delve into these classics without feeling like they have to be literary experts. BTW, exactly what books are "classics"? Check out this list to see the top 100 works of fiction as determined by an aggregate of 80+ lists.


Curious about which books we've already tackled and what we have schedule in the upcoming months? Check here: http://writbywhit.blogspot.com/p/book-club.html

Please note: there is a waiting list for the group so members are not automatically approved. Also, because of the waiting list, members who have been inactive for 3 months or more may be removed from the group to allow others on the waiting list to join.

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Classic Novels: Les Miserables

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Join us to discuss Victor Hugo's epic Les Miserables. It ranks #85 on the Classic Novels top 100 list. You can read more about it here. Tip: my print version runs over 1300 pages so start reading NOW!

Please note that this has been rescheduled from its original August date and is now on a TUESDAY.

We will also devote a few minutes to picking our books for November, December, and January. (Things Fall Apart is already on tap for October). How do we pick our books? They come from the Classic Novels top 100 list which can be found here.

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Classic Novels: Call of the Wild

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