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Our meet-up spot will be at 6201 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys (Lake Balboa), CA. This is a dirt parking lot that has two sides of free parking as well as side street parking if you prefer that as well. At 10:00 we will all gather around at the Woodley Park sign, do some light stretching, I'll pass out water if anyone needs it, then we will begin our walk to Lake Balboa, which takes roughly 1.5 miles to get there and 1.5 miles back to our original meeting spot. Please wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and be sure you eat breakfast the day of. We will all be walking at a comfortable pace so we can stay together as a group and get to connect with one another. The purpose of this group is to build a community of hard-working individuals who want to lose weight and just need a little guidance along the way. As a certified personal trainer, my mission is to motivate each person and inspire them to continue in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle---helping you find a new lease on life! We can all relate to each other's stories and become inspired to do great things through the power of support, compassion and encouragement!!!

Please call/text me at 818-275-2027 or email me at coachkeith@missionfitllc.com if you have any questions about the meet-up or are interesting in pursuing a healthier lifestyle and want to start your own training program today. I look forward to seeing you soon--bring a friend!

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