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Push each other around-- nicely.
All styles, all traditions, all levels welcome! Friendly partner training on Sunday afternoon at 3pm at Mission Playground on the lawn at Linda and 19th St. Meet on the lawn in ( Please remember to: • Warm up and stretch out. This isn't a structured activity so it's up to you to get your body ready to move and be moved. • Tell your partners about any injuries you have and if they need to be careful. • Ask your partners what they'd like to do together. • Try different things! Don't get stuck doing the same activity. There are many different forms of Push Hands (eg fixed step, fixed pattern, moving, freestyle) which cultivate skills in different ways. • Change partners. Everyone moves in different ways. Different body types require different approaches. Thank your partner and move to the next when you're ready to try something else. • Push somebody! We're all learning from one another so don't be afraid to try something that doesn't work, or to embarrass someone. Just keep it friendly and fun.

Mission Pool Playground

101 Linda Street · San Francisco, CA

What we're about

Are you a martial arts practitioner who would like opportunities to work with partners to compliment your solo training and your in-class experience? You're probably not looking for a new style or a new school-- just more chances to practice with a range of abilities, backgrounds, and body-types. There are plenty of other women and men from all martial backgrounds looking for the same thing. Let's find a place in the park and train!

What this is not:

- A class. And I'm not a teacher (just an organizer). All levels are welcome and hopefully we'll all be learning from and teaching one another.

- Fight Club. Or a sparring group. Nothing wrong with those things, but that's not what this is. Let's keep this friendly, light, and safe.

What this is:

- Free! All it costs is your time, effort, and attention.

- A cooperative, safe exercise group to develop a subset of martial abilities with fellow students of all levels.

- A multi-disciplinary meetup, unattached to a school or a style, in the spirit of the excellent Berkeley Push Hands gathering in Ohlone Park, and the Berkeley Push Hands Meetup:

- The chance to develop subtle and difficult skills without concern about scoring a point, achieving a submission, or "winning".


"Push Hands" or "Tui Shou" are terms that refer to a variety of partner-based activities designed to develop structure, sensitivity, and coordination for martial application. While these exercises are closely associated with Chinese Martial Arts, they're generally useful and practitioners of other traditional styles get a lot out of it. Exercises can be highly structured and fixed, or freestyle and moving. Decide with your partner what you want to do, for as long as you both want to do it-- or just go along for the ride!

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