What we're about

Analysis of Big Data - Models, Algorithms and Implementation

This is a meetup for learning (deep dive into) the Models and Algorithms for Data Analysis, and their implementation on massive data sets. The key word for the meetup is learning.

Big Data Analytics is essentially an interdisciplinary topic, and so it is not usually possible for an individual to master all aspects of it. An expert in this area is usually a team and usually not an individual.

The objective of this meetup is to learn the methods involved in Big Data practice. Participants of this group are either experts in, or are keen on mastering one of the following areas:

Data Analysis Algorithms (Machine Learning) and the underlying Mathematics

Programming languages such as Scala, Python and R

Hadoop Technology Stack (components you see in Hortonworks/Cloudera/MapR)

NoSQL data stores

Data Visualization technologies

Cloud Technologies

The best way to learn about Big Data is to implement a project and build upon it. This is what we intend to do. Join us if you would like to be a part of this effort.

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