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Midweek Walk Around Osprey Marsh
Here's an opportunity to bring our dogs to Osprey Marsh. It's perfect for a short 45 minute outing with our dogs. There are also opportunities for water access so that our dogs can cool off if they want to. Best parking is at Johnny Bower Park on Parkgate Drive just off of Ninth Line at the northwest corner of Mississauga - see map via the full desktop version of our group site.

Johnny Bower Park

Parkgate Drive · Mississauga, ON

What we're about

This group is for owners of small dogs (25 pounds and under) who would like to bring their pets to outings with other small dogs. We do three types of outings; leash free dog parks, shorter midweek early evening walks along nature trails and longer weekend day walks also along nature trails.

For puppies and/or dogs who are very shy, we suggest the shorter midweek walks as the best events to start with.

With our group, we can maximize the chances that our small dogs will have others around their own sizes to socialize with. Many of our events are joint events with our partner Meetup groups resulting in good mixes socially.

Important Note = puppies of large breeds who are currently under 25 pounds but will eventually grow into adult dogs over 25 pounds will NOT be allowed to attend our events. At some point, such a puppy will be too large for some of our small dogs to be comfortable with resulting in a very complicated membership situation which we would rather avoid. So we will use our 25 pounds rule to cover the future fully grown size of any puppy as well. We intend to maintain our focus that all of our member dogs now and when they get older will be 25 pounds or under.

Many of our outings are in partnership with our general social flagship Meetup group GTA Free Spirits. For many other types of events (non-dog), check out our group GTA Free Spirits (, where you will find many events including dining, fitness, educational seminars, skiing, festivals, trips and other social activities.

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