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This group is for owners of small dogs (25 pounds and under) who would like to bring their pets to outings with other small dogs. We do three types of outings; leash free dog parks, shorter midweek early evening walks along nature trails and longer weekend day walks also along nature trails (our schedule will be modified for the colder winter and hotter summer seasons).

Most of our outings are in the Mississauga area with some of the longer weekend ones further west and north at conservation areas so this group is mainly for those who can realistically make it out to these areas on a fairly regular basis.

For puppies and/or dogs who are very shy, we suggest the shorter midweek walks as the best events to start with.

With our group, we can maximize the chances that our small dogs will have others around their own sizes to socialize with.

Important Note = puppies of large breeds who are currently under 25 pounds but will eventually grow into adult dogs over 25 pounds will NOT be allowed to attend our events. At some point, such a puppy will be too large for some of our small dogs to be comfortable with resulting in a very complicated membership situation which we would rather avoid. So we will use our 25 pounds rule to cover the future fully grown size of any puppy as well. We intend to maintain our focus that all of our member dogs now and when they get older will be 25 pounds or under.

Our small dogs Meetup group is funded and sponsored by Clint Cora who has a dog website with numerous information articles PLUS videos on basic dog obedience training including how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, demonstrations of brushing dog teeth, trimming dog nails, taking medications and much more at http://www.pottytrainpuppydog.com/dogarticl... (http://www.pottytrainpuppydog.com/dogarticles.html). Our doggie parent members are encouraged to utilize these resources in order to bring out the maximum potential of their pets and dog care.


Note that at present, we are capping our membership at 50 members maximum so if we are already at full capacity, we won't be approving anymore requests to join us but will re-evaluate our membership every few months.

Upcoming events (5+)

Weekend Walk Along Credit River - North Section

Vic Johnston Community Centre - Streetsville Arena

This is one of our regular midweek walks we'll do this weekend to end the winter as well move towards our spring season. We are going to hike along the Credit River near the Streetsville area. We start at the entrance of the Culham Trail near the playground on the right side parking lot of the arena. This is a great opportunity for nature photography lovers as there is great access to the Credit River along the way.

Weekend Walk Around Lake Wabukayne

Wabukayne Lake (St Elizabeth Seton School Parking)

For this shorter weekend end of winter walk, we'll use another one of our regular midweek walks and will go around Lake Wabukayne in the Meadowvale area. It should be a pleasant outing.

Midweek Walk Along Sawmill Creek

Sawmill Valley Public School

A return to probably the nicest Midweek outing, Sawmill Creek trail. Nice little creek with mini waterfalls as pictured above and lots of shading among trees. We start at the entrance of Sawmill Creek Trail across the street from Sawmill Valley Public School (you can park either at the school or right on the street). This is a great opportunity for nature photography lovers as there is easy access to the creek along the way as well as big trees that cover most of the trail.

Roxie's Birthday Special Weekend Walk In Sugar Maple Woods

Thomas Street Middle School

We are going to do a special weekend version of our hike in the Sugar Maple Woods. This is a weekday place which many of our weekday members have been really impressed with and one our weekend members have not discovered. But today for Roxie's 14th birthday we are going to venture into Sugar Maple Woods for all our members as it's one of their favourite places Roxie and her brother Chester have explored several times per week (spring to fall) pretty much all their lives. So this is a place we want to share with all their friends today. After an easy meet in the parking lot of Thomas Street Middle School near the southeast corner of Glen Erin and Thomas, we will walk over to the entrance of Sugar Maple Woods and I'll take you through all the on-trail as well as off-trail hikes my dogs and I love so much. It really is a nature gem found right in the middle of a residential neighbourhood - you will be impressed.

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Dog Walk Meadowvale Conservation Area

Meadowvale Conservation Area

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