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Mississauga Meditation
Intro Meeting and Trial session every Saturday at 2:00 pm. Come and learn about this extraordinary Meditation method to transform the Human Mind to the Universe Mind. It will last about an hour. This Meditation uses a very unique method of "subtraction", meaning the removal of the numerous layers of past pictures. It provides a simple and systametic method for everyone to cleanse their mind made in the past to reveal the perfect original mind; the Universe Mind; your True or Higher Self. As people experience the effectiveness of the meditation, it has grown quickly and now has over 350 centers around the world. This guided Meditation is done one-on-one basis with qualified Guides. The Mississuga Meditation center has guided sessions throughout the day, 9.00 am to 10.00 pm, everyday. The final result of practicing the meditation is the elimination of the "false mind" which is composed of charged emotions, traumas, attachments, misbeliefs, concepts, and desires that have been accumulated in one's past. When these "pictures" or the "false mind" are eliminated, one awakens to the Universe Mind which is free of stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, resentment, anger, judgment, separation, boredom and the many other burdens humans carry. By eliminating the false mind with this Meditation method one awakens to the true Consciousness that lies within. This is what many traditions have called the Enlightenment and it is achievable with this method. The Universe Mind has been covered by what one has accumulated over one's life time, like the dark cloud covers the bright sun. One who subtracts that false mind will find the true meaning and purpose in life. They will have the wisdom of nature; knowing why we are here, where we came from and where we go. Eliminating the false mind to become the universe mind is the greatest achievement and the greatest freedom that a human can aspire to. This Meditation method awakens people to the Universe Mind where there is nothing but joy and peace; the mind where there is no more up and down like a roller coaster. The false mind is always changing and adding more. There is no end to addition and so people can never have the peace in a mind that is always searching for something better. The way to know the Universe Mind, the way to see World as it is, is to subtract the false mind (ego) that is all about me, which I created through the past life. In doing this, people will live better than they could ever imagine.

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What we're about

Meditation is very good for many reasons. These days people are becoming aware of the importance of meditation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Mississauga Meditation uses a unique meditation method. Practicing at Mississauga Meditation you will be enabled to find true peace, happiness, and inner stability.

Mississauga Meditation is the most comfortable, peaceful and convenient place to meditate. It's a warm and welcoming environment where you can come and rest your mind.

We have a self-reflection process which can change and improve your life, create self awareness and confidence. Through this process one can empty one's mind which brings real results and benefits.


Stop Suppressing Start Subtracting

Our meditation method is the Solution

The Mississauga Meditation method is a unique, 7 step method that provides you with the ability to reflect on yourself and even your subconscious. By reviewing the memorized thought patterns of your life you will expand your consciousness. You will get to know yourself, see the world from a wider perspective and find true happiness within you!

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