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I am undergoing my spiritual awakening for about 1 year and a half, I have been always looking for answers about life and meaning in everything I do. I am a spiritualist and a Reiki Healer tried different tools to help me connect with my inner self and to heal my inner child, such as Dynamic meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Hz Music Frequencies, Quantum Healing, Chakra Stones, and lots of self-love books. Life is long-life education and so is the spiritual development!

When I had my near to death experience, I was healing myself through reiki and I asked my teacher: -When is this going to end? She said: -Never, as there is anything to end, this is just the beginning of a new process, you just need to adjust with the new way of thinking, give it some time”.

As it was so painful, and when we are hurting we think that is going to last forever, but when we put ourselves in a better place and when we ground in our understanding we realize that everything shall pass, every feeling or emotion is a temporary visitor and we should not get to attached. I have learned that we have to let go and surrender as well as not fight the process but instead learn how to dance with it, It is the only way how we can reconnect and give voice to those parts that have been left in silence for so long.

I am opening this group as I have had to be going through all this alone with no one that can really understand me, I have always been like the black sheep and felt bad for so long because I felt unable to socialize or I would pretend to be someone I am not so I can fit in, until I finally got the message that there is nothing wrong with me and that it is ok that I am different, it is actually cool to let your light shine forth and to express yourself through your unique talents. It is wonderful to accept your authenticity!

I have had to be isolated from the world and it was not easy, I also know that there are lovely spirits like me out there that would love to share their life experiences, their spiritual awakening, if you feel like you are one of them, let’s meet and let’s talk, let’s meditate and let’s share our thoughts together, let’s have fun and let’s be present with like-minded people, let’s be in togetherness and let’s feel supported, you are not alone, you have never been!

We are going to discuss topics such as:

• Spiritual Awakening how to gracefully allow it to happen
• Astrology (I do General Readings and give guidance as to where you are headed in this lifetime)
• Reiki Healing (I am Reiki Healer and I would love to help you)
• Love Adiction & Love Avoidance
• Relationship tips
• How to create and respect healthy boundaries
• Twin Flames/Soul mates
• Forgiveness
• Taming and embracing your shadows
• How to love yourself
• How to be in a committed loving relationship
• How to connect with your spirit guides
• How to meditate
• The importance of breathing
• The power of love
• How to let go and move forward
• How to surrender to the Universe
If you would like to participate RSVP in this group, call me at this number: 647 522 6573
Visit my website: https://inesinspireme.com

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