Heart and Brain Coherence

Raising Your Positive Vibration Group in Mississauga
Raising Your Positive Vibration Group in Mississauga
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Dear Spiritual Partners,
You are ready to be the Love of which you are made!

Mind and body are too radical distinct substance.
People started to see the heart as an extraordinary machine, as our connection to feelings and the higher intelligence of the body.
The heart it’s the source that is generating our electromagnetic field and our connection to a unified field.
We know that the heart is not just an organ that pumps blood, but it helps with our decision making ability, is a source of love and the higher guidance is in our hearts.
When we tap into it we can make different decisions than through the mind and live a heart based life.
The elevated feelings off the heart connect us to love compassion, gratitude, appreciation and joy they are our feelings that makes us feeling connected to the Whole.
Let go of all that seems to be wrong and feel your hearts immersed in the truth of Love.

Being in the Salt room with the healing ions of the salt, while stretching, breathing and meditating are incredible.
You will really raise your Positive Vibration every time.
These are specific Yoga classes that activate the energy pathways in your body and brain to bring to balance your organs, glands and Chakras.
High Vibrational Yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions make people sources of light. They clean out old a energy so that each person’s inner light can shine through.
Experience the deep feeling of what occurs within the energetic body after it has been well prepared for awakening.

The cost of the class is 25$/class or 20$/class if a 10 class pass is purchased.
•*•Attire WHITE top and BLACK pants.
Class fee don’t expire they get passed to the next class attended.
Please bring your yoga mat, water and a small blanket.
Call Camelia today for a transformational session !

Have a day full of Love
High Vibrational Yoga Teacher(RYT200), Camelia Teodora Moldovan is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Numerologist, Breathwork and Spiritual group session facilitator. Find more information at www.highvibrationalmovement.com