Entity Framework from Start to Finish

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Entity Framework from Start to Finish:

Entity Framework is Microsoft's recommended data access technology for new applications in .NET.

In this session Obi will walk you through various facets of Entity Framework ranging from Workflows, Migrations, Data Loading features, Projections, Comparisons between ORM technologies and time-permitting talk about the upcoming release i.e. EF7.


Obi Oberoi is a Principal Developer Evangelist and an Independent Consultant who specializes in designing, developing and maintaining enterprise level distributed applications using Microsoft centric technologies.

Obi has been working with .NET since the first betas and has been engaged in the agile space since 2006.

Obi is an MCSD and has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is actively involved in organizing Developer Workshops, Code Camps et al. besides being a passionate member of the developer community.