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Historical European Martial Arts
Historical European Martial Arts is a system of fighting based around a collection of traditional methods. These methods include many different schools of fighting both offensive and defensive. The majority of these systems were developed and refined to facilitate the practical art of combat. The german longsword is a good place to start your journey. While the full kit, which allows for sparring and practice with metal swords is fairly expensive a beginner can start with a few protective items and a synthetic longsword. Beginners are welcome. Come prepared for a fairly intense workout as many techniques resemble wrestling and some can involve ground fighting. All sparring and training is optional and based on the learners comfort level. If you are interested in practicing on your own or gathering more in-depth information here are some resources: Wikitanauer: Sword Carolina:

Missoula Fencing Association

1134 Longstaff · Missoula, MT

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We are a small club of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) practitioners located in Missoula, MT and a HEMA Alliance affiliated club in good standing. While HEMA covers any number of disciplines (ie dagger, sword and buckler, pole-arms, dussack, rapier, etc.) our current focus is on the Johannes Liechtenauer Tradition of the German Longsword. We hold practices twice a week (Wednesdays 7-9pm and Sundays 10-noon) and invite anyone who might have an interest in the medieval art of combat to come join us! Please note, this is not a reenactment group (we use modern equipment and protective gear), however, we are happy to put you in contact with those groups. Limited loaner gear is available. Your first visit is on us! After that, we charge a $10 drop-in fee or $25/month dues to help offset the cost of the gym. (Fees are collected at the gym, not through Meetup.) Please look for us on Facebook! (

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