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MnREIA is dedicated and focused on providing the best education experience you have ever received. We constantly continue our own education and are active investors so we stay on the cutting edge of the market and we bring everything we learn to you, holding nothing back.

Many of our members have told us that they learned more from a one year membership with us than they when they spent 10’s of thousands of $$$ on other programs. Why, because we teach you what works locally and we can provide you with the right network of professionals and partners to help you achieve your dreams.

Check out our website and join us at our Main Monthly Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. Your first meeting is FREE!


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Property Walk Through

Needs a location

Walking through a property in various stages of progress can help give you an insight into the process of demolition, rehabbing, design, finishing, staging, renting and selling. The properties will be in various stages of progress: - Pre/Post Demolishing - Renovation - Staging - For Sale/Rent Some properties may be for sale on the MLS and others will be owned by MnREIA members. This is designed to be an informal, educational and networking event. Register Here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Property-Walk-Through-10-10-21-2020&evntID=10Bi3LQfGJe5UipphGJiUpZ

W.I.R.E. Women In Real Estate

Needs a location

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it!” Amelia Earhart MnREIA is offering a woman’s touch to real estate investing. More and more seats at the MnREIA meetings are filling with women who have decided to take charge of their future and invest in real estate! The Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association is now offering a Women’s Focus Group! This group is open to women from all backgrounds! - Women who are seasoned investors - Women who are brand new to investing - Women who have no idea what their husbands are investing in and want to learn more about it - Women who would just like to get out of the house and network This is a focus group for women only. During the meetings we will talk about current deals that you fabulous women are working on and discuss the challenges and successes you are having. It is a great place to meet others that are investing in real estate to gain insight and learn new techniques. It is a round table discussion and support group. A chance for us to build a network of our biggest cheerleaders! Pre-Register Here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=W-I-R-E-Women-In-Real-Estate-10-10-22-2020&evntID=10iMQ9wi7yS2LgrrBTTwpzG

Buy-Sell-Trade Mastermind Group

Online event

Buy – Sell - Trade Mastermind Group - Have a property that you need to sell or need a partner to complete the project. - Are you looking for a property but need creative financing options, suggestions or ideas? - Do you have an investment that you want to trade for something else? - Have a note to sell/trade? If you said yes to anyone of these, then you have found the right place. Join us every other Friday morning to share deals, opportunities and ideas from seasoned investors. This is where creative real estate ideas are born. Pre-Register Here for Webinar Link: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Buy-Sell-Trade-Mastermind-Group-10-10-23-2020&evntID=10ZY2FcqZkrNABjjmBvqkUT

Beginners In Real Estate Luncheon

Needs a location

Come Network with other Like Minded Real Estate Investors for Lunch. Networking is Important and so is Lunch. You are invited to the Monthly MnREIA Beginners In Real Estate Networking Luncheon, webinar edition! 11:30 AM on the fourth Tuesday of every month: (Must Pre-Register for this month's webinar link) Once Pre-Registered, you will receive an email with the link to the webinar. Register Here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Beginners-In-Real-Estate-Luncheon-10-10-27-2020&evntID=10TwWCQLgtWYNFNJ465XPLZ

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Financial Hackers Investors Group with Jeff Winship!

Maple Grove

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