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Monthly GM and Player Meetup
Join us to learn about new games, chat about RPGs and the industry, announce games, find players and GMs, and make new friends! Although we don't actually play anything at our monthly meetup, at past meetups we have had players connecting with GMs to play in games of D&D, BESM, Star Wars, World of Darkness, GURPS, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, Castles and Crusades and others. We also have people interested in less well known or older titles such as RuneQuest, Nobilis, Dogs in the Vineyard, Inspecters, Primetime Adventures, Burning Wheel, and more. We even have a member who has published his own system Heirs to the Lost World. So whatever your game is, chances are you can find someone interested in playing it.

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The Minnesota | Roleplayers is dedicated to encouraging the playing of roleplaying games in the Minnesota metro areas. We are a network of hundreds of roleplayers from around Minnesota supporting roleplay by linking players looking for games to game masters looking for players. We also aim to support local game stores and game developers with events designed to generate interest in roleplaying in general or in specific games or product lines.

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