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MoNep - Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers' mission is to provide a forum for individuals interested in the field of nature photography and the environment, provide education, gather and disseminate information, and promote nature photography as an art form and medium of communication. Learn more at monep.org (http://monep.org/).

MoNEP members have one thing in common...a dedication to learning about nature and nature photography. For more information, go to the About Us section on www.monep.org (http://www.monep.org/)

Meetup members can RSVP and attend Meetup events without being a dues paying member. Some of the available slots will be reserved for dues paying members. Once an event is full, a waitlist will be created, on a first come basis. Annual Membership Fees are $30 for individual and $40 for family memberships. Memberships run from January through December. MoNEP members gather once a month on the third Tuesday of the month. We are currently meeting at the Powder Valley Conservation Area Nature Center 6:30PM-8:30PM. For more information, go to the Membership section onwww.monep.org (http://www.monep.org/)

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Audubon Center at Riverlands Tour with Allen Ahner

Audubon Center at Riverlands

Meetup time is 7 a.m. at the visitor's center. Essentially we'll be driving up and down the main road, stopping for wildlife viewing and photographing. Arrive a little earlier if you wish to catch sunrise or if you prefer to sleep in you should find us shooting from the road. There are several areas we can visit up there besides the main road. BONUS! We will stop at St. Ferdinand Park and check out the mandarin duck nick-named "Ferdinand". This species is very specific to China, so how he arrived here is anyone's guess, but most likely a pet that was released. If you're still with us at this point we'll head to the best donut shop in town: Old Town on New Florissant road. There is no charge! Editors note: I (Dug T) am hoping to be there, but if I can't make it, see Allen, this is his ballgame.

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October 15th Meeting – Bruce Schuette

Powder Valley Nature Center

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