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This meetup group is for individual investors who want to learn how to grow their capital safely over time by focusing on time-tested principles of process, valuation and emotional control in the stock market using the principles laid out by Warren Buffett and his partner, Charlie Munger. You do not need a financial advisor, you can do this on your own and I can show you how. It doesn't take massive amounts of time or research if you follow an effective investment process that focuses on very high quality businesses and you can patiently wait for bargain purchase prices ... sometimes this can take years of waiting.

With a huge influence from Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett evolved from an investor in low quality cheap "cigar butts" (1955-1969) to high quality "moat" businesses (1973-current). Why such a drastic shift in strategy? That's simple, Warren Buffett focuses on what a company is worth (valuation) and he prefers high quality "moat" businesses because they are predictable, sustainable and much easier to value than businesses of lower quality. Since "moat" businesses are constantly increasing their valuation, you can make the mistake of overpaying for the business yet still not lose money if you hold the business long enough.

Rule #1: don't lose money. Rule #2: don't forget Rule #1 ~ Warren Buffett.

Here's what I will teach you:

1. Process: maintain a watch list of high quality business with durable competitive advantages and excellent management

2. Valuation: determine what each business is worth to a rational buyer of the entire business (think like a billionaire)

3. Emotional control: patiently wait for the stock market to give you an opportunity to get good entry/exit prices - market volatility is your friend because it enhances your returns

Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor. "Think of a stock as a part ownership of a business, The market is there is serve you, not instruct you, and always require a margin of safety (http://valueinvestingbasics.com/margin-of-safety/)"…every corporate security may best be viewed, in the first instance, as an ownership interest in, or a claim against, a specific business enterprise. — Benjamin Graham. Source: The Intelligent Investor – 1973 Revised Edition, pg. 523

My background:
VP - Investments at Merrill Lynch, Silicon Valley, the #1 firm in the World at the time and the #1 branch of the firm, where I managed $100M in assets of high net worth founders/corporate executives of some of America's top technology companies

Founder, The WireNut, the #1 fastest growing company in Southern Colorado from 2007-2012 and the #1 fastest growing electrical contractor in the country. Award winning entrepreneur

CEO/CIO, Urban Investments, my private investment company focused on stock and real estate investments. After I sold my electrical business I studied Warren Buffett and other billionaire investors full time for 3 years. I read at least 100 books on the subject and attending value investing courses taught by proven successful investors. After much thought I've formed the opinion that most of what they teach in college finance courses is great in theory but flawed in practice. If what was commonly taught weren't flawed then more Wall Street investment firms would outperform the indices. However, 95% under perform so the only conclusion to be drawn is that commonly taught investment theory and methods lead to flawed thinking and under performance.

I have nothing to sell and am not accepting clients. I only wish to educate you and by sharing with you what I've discovered this will help solidify my thinking and educate myself

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