What we're about

The Mob Happy Meetup is a place for anyone - freelancers, business owners, creatives and agency folk that are aspiring to scale and grow their organisations.

Each event we'll hold a panel discussion with exciting speakers from local agencies, all who've taken that leap and grown from from one to many.

Panel discussions will have a different focus each time:

• Hiring your first employee

• To niche or not

• Winning bigger business

• Growing your team

When my agency Rubber Cheese (http://www.rubbercheese.com/) first began, Paul and I effectively worked as freelancers under the RC brand for a good few years before we decided to build an agency. At the point we knew we wanted to grow, we didn’t really know how or where to find help. We didn’t know how to hire our first team member or if it was even the right time. Back then we didn’t have the great communities that exist now such as Freelance Heroes (https://www.facebook.com/groups/freelanceheroes/), Cam Creatives or Agency Collective (https://theagencycollective.co.uk/).

When I founded Mob Happy (https://mob-happy.com/), it was always my aim to support existing women agency founders, but also to help up and coming leaders. This meet up is for anyone that wants to learn from agency owners who've made the leap from freelancing.

Past events (5)

From one to many - how to strategically not grow your agency

The Bradfield Centre,

From one to many - How to build a personal brand in 2019

The Bradfield Centre,

From one to many - Pricing your service

The Bradfield Centre,

From one to many - To niche or not?

The Bradfield Centre,

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