Write your 1st Mobile App !

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Event Fee: $30 (8 participants max, for Beginners)

[Just added] What we will be covering in the class :-

Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and 5G is coming soon. (I've just come back from Shenzhen China, and they are selling the 5G phones NOW!)

Have you ever wondered how to write a mobile app? Do you think YOU can write one yourself too (and impress everyone else)?

This is a Meetup class for people who are interested in learning about Mobile App Development (and making new friends.)

In 2 hours, you should be able to learn all the basics and be able to start writing mobile apps yourself! No prior programming experience is needed (though that will certainly help.)

To write a mobile app, you used to have to learn Java, Kotlin or Swift. But now Google has released a new Mobile App SDK (Software Development Kit) called "Flutter", which makes writing mobile apps fun and easy.

All it takes is a MacBook and that's it! You don't even need a physical mobile phone to test your apps (it comes with "Emulators" for testing.) You can use a Windows PC/Laptop too, of course. So, not to worry.

Flutter comes with a standard demo app called Counter. It's only 63 lines of code. The aim of this class is to explain these 63 lines of code so that you can start writing codes yourselves.

In addition, we will also touch on these topics to give you a full overview of the mobile app development environment and available resources.

TOPICS include:-

Main: Flutter
Main: Material Design
Cloud: Firebase
Data: JSON / SQLite / CSV
Demo App: Counter / Meetup Card
Demo App: Flutter Catalog / Demo
Design: Sketch / Figma
Documentation: flutter.dev
Firebase: Authentication
Firebase: Database
Firebase: Hosting
Firebase: Storage
IDE: Android Studio
IDE: Visual Studio Code
Language: Dart Language
Language: Java / JavaScript
Language: Kotlin / Swift
Resource: CodeLabs
Resource: Colour Palettes
Resource: DartPad
Resource: Google/Apple Developers
Resource: Gravatar
Resource: Material.io
Resource: Medium
Resource: Udacity
Resource: YouTube
Source Code: Github
System: Android / Linux / iOS
Website: HTML / CSS / Apache

What to bring: bring along a MacBook if you like, but we will not be doing the Flutter installation as it can be quite time-consuming.

This will be the 1st of many more Meetup sessions to come (I hope,) as we get more people interested in learning about mobile app development and having fun.

The target audience is Beginner, as experienced programmers can often learn Flutter programming themselves using available resources on the Internet.

But of course, everyone who's interested is welcomed to join. Even if you are an experienced programmer but have never written a mobile app, you are still a Beginnner....