What we're about

The place to meet, learn, discuss and share mobile app development and testing methods and best practices from leading industry companies.

* Who should join: Mobile App developers, Mobile App Testers (Manual Testers, Automation and Performance Testers)

* Why should members join: Share best practices, Learn about mobile market trends, pitfalls and techniques.


What can members expect out of the group


- Insights into best practices of developing mobile test plan

- Which IDE to chose for mobile app development?

- How to chose the mobile app sytle (Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid)

- How to scope your mobile app project:

- Tool wise

- Device matrix/selection

- E2E testing best practices

Past events (4)

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3rd Meetup - Mobile App Dev&Test

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2nd Meetup - Mobile App Dev&Test

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Expert Dev&Test Mobile Community Kickoff

Needs a location

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