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Humans now have an attention span shorter than a goldfish - 8 seconds to be precise. About a decade ago, 6 seconds was the gold standard in application response time, today its between 2 - 3 seconds. The increase in expectation leads to end-uses dis-satisfaction and they will not hesitate to search for alternatives if they're unhappy. When it comes to Mobile Apps and Website Performance, it's getting more critical than ever to pay attention to the way that end-user engagement is impacted by performance. Here are some key stats to look at:

• 86% of the users will delete the slow responding App after using it the first time

• 74% of users will leave the page if it does not load within 5 seconds

• 81% of buyers will pay more for a better experience

There is no doubt that performance is one of the key aspects of achieving 5-star ratings in an app store or achieving higher conversion rates and satisfied customers from a website.

So what are the challenges to getting true, actionable performance Metrics?

• real-time visibility into end-user response times

• finding a measurable unit of performance which will remain constant regardless of multiple app versions, and the ability to view behavior over time

• difficulty in tracing response times from different segments of back-end application and/or website architecture, e.g.: app servers, DB, and web services hosted by 3rd parties

• ability to understand real-time impact of slow performance on user behavior, e.g.: % of carts abandoned

• real-time crash analytics reports

In this session of Mobile Monday Detroit, Michigan-based mobile app and website analytics experts will discuss the challenges of achieving 5-star app ratings and actively engaging app and website end-users, testing, key benchmarks, as well as how to effectively track, measure and analyze the performance of your apps and website and much more.

This event is free to attend, but advance reservations ARE REQUIRED in order to attend; if you make a reservation and your plans change, please cancel your reservation so someone else may attend. Refreshments will be served. Free parking is available.

This Mobile Monday Detroit event is being sponsored by the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan ( (MTAM) and OU, Inc (

Our location:

OU Inc. is located off Adams Road, between the golf course and the Meadowbrook mansion. Due to construction, the bridge at University Drive from Northbound I-75 is out. We are advised it is likely easiest to approach from M59 (off I-75) or up Adams Road.

Be advised that all attendees should enter from the main front door off of the circle drive. The parking lot is at the side of the building with a sidewalk leading up to the front door.

Our Speakers:

• Jas Sidhu, Senior Solutions Architect, AppDynamics

• Peter Filias, Web Performance Consultant, Keynote Systems

Speaker Bios:

Jas Sidhu

Jas Sidhu currently works at AppDynamics as a Senior Solutions architect. He has over 15 years of experience in Application Performance Management. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Jas held multiple technical and consulting roles at HP Software and wrote many blogs focused on Application Performance. His achievements include the identification of bottlenecks in eCommerce and mobile applications for major online retailers resulting in better end-user experience. Jas earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from UNC, Chapel Hill in 2011, and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University in 2000.

Peter Filias

Peter Filias is an experienced web professional with nearly 20 years in the business. With both a BS in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Systems, he's able to speak to both worlds of IT - dev/ops and business. His passion for performance and efficiency is well thought out and honed over the years. With over 5 years of experience in website performance, which isn't much older as a field, he's both effective and passionate about helping companies improve their website performance which, in turn, helps them improve their bottom line. How so, Faster websites equals more retention, higher conversion rates, and satisfied customers.

Besides being a web performance junky, Peter is also a computer building enthusiast, having gone thru many iterations of custom computers at home - water cooled, custom case modifications, and bench-marking, bench-marking, and more bench-marking.