Mobile Twin Cities: Mobility and Smart Technologies with Sabina Saksena

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Sabina Saksena, Founder/CEO at Cytilife, Inc. will share her experience and vision of the smart campus and spaces, and how mobility coupled with smart technologies can transform the quality of our lives everyday, and ability to make smarter and impactful decisions.

Sabina has 25 years of corporate experience having worked at the Tata Group, The Coca Cola Company, PwC, GS1 US, and across 3 continents and 4 industries. She is now busy growing her second entrepreneurial venture, Cytilife, a Smart Campus company, that is leveraging IoT and AI to help turn large campuses with finite information and physical infrastructure, such as colleges, corporate complexes, senior living, hotels etc into smart spaces, by providing highly personalized, real time, contextual information to thousands of people who live, work and play there, to help them better use of their time and to make smarter and healthier decisions everyday.