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The ingredients of aMocha Ladyare: 1 cup hot brewed coffee, 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon white sugar, 2 tablespoons milk. You can also add differentMocha-flavored coffee syrups. If you fit any of these ingredients, we want you in our group.

Mocha consists of different flavors and ingredients so join us regardless of your ethnic background or place of residency; 35's and up preferred; married or single; SUV, minivan or luxury car drivers; stay at home mom, or corporate lady; newbie or native to NoVA - Join Us!

This group will meet up for coffee, dinner, social networking, parties, karaoke, mall, book club, museum outings, game nights, road trips, skating, family outings, movies, concerts, amusement parks, and so much more!


All Members are accountable for adhering to and honoring the Mocha Member Guidelines.

1. Your profile should have a photo of you in order to be approved.

2. Active Membership- An “active member” is one who actively visits the site, RSVP's "Yes" OR "No" to as many meetups as possible and attends a local meetup as often as possible. We are a very close group and like to get together often. You should be able to participate in more than one event per month. Members who do not do so, will be removed from the group.

3. Membership Fee - Membership is Free but we ask that you become an "active" member. Please see #2 Active Membership above on what "active" membership entails.

4. No-Show/Cancellation- If you RSVP “Yes” to an event and do not show at 3 different events, you will be removed. Cancellations should be done within 72 hours unless an emergency comes up. If you RSVP “No”, please provide a short explanation. e.g. conflicting schedule, not a good day/time of week, etc. This will assist us in learning what we might be able to do to make the group more accommodating and appealing to most, if not all!

5. Waiting List- If you RSVP yes for an event with a waiting list, you will be required to provide your phone number in order for us to be able to communicate in case you cannot attend at the last minute. By communicating this way, we can call another member from the waiting list and let them know a spot is available.

6. Business Owners - Please do not join if your intent is to solicit for your business as that is not this group's theme or purpose. There are plenty other meetup groups that have been established just for you and your business.

7. Mocha Ladies in NoVA prides itself on being a group in which every member enjoys the freedom to network and interact freely and respectfully. Individuals may not post commercial messages or any communication that gives the appearance of soliciting business. This includes promoting, marketing, or selling products, services, or the providers of either. Individuals may not use information gained via their membership to solicit business with the intent to profit. In addition, members cannot provide any nonmember with member-contact or other information.

8. To protect the confidentiality of all members, Mocha Ladies member lists or personal information may not be distributed to nonmembers at any time.

9. Have fun and enjoy life with one another!

Our Promise to You:

We are dedicated to you, our members, and to the highest standards of quality and excellence. We are always available to respond to requests and questions, and are committed to ensuring that your experience with the Mocha Ladies in NoVA exceeds your expectations. If it does, please tell a colleague or a peer. If it does not, please tell us.

We take the privacy of our members very seriously and will make every effort to protect members’ personal information, including e-mail addresses, and will use member information only in the context of delivering services to members. We do not share confidential member information with outside parties at any time, and we maintain the integrity of our site at all times. We may use your personal information to make you aware of Mocha Ladies events and services that may interest you. You may opt-out of any type of communication at any time by changing your settings in your personal profile or contacting the Organizers of the group.

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Mocha Ladies Quarterly Brunch

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Mocha Ladies Quarterly Brunch

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