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Cppcon Keynote 2017 & Chill


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Hi, everyone!

This year's CPPCon just finished and they're currently uploading the videos on YouTube, so we can meet, watch them and talk about it all together over some food and drinks.

Here are the videos we can choose from, and we will not be able to watch all of them obviously:

• Bjarne Stroustrup “Learning and Teaching Modern C++”

• Herb Sutter “Meta: Thoughts on generative C++”

• Steve Carroll & Daniel Moth “Latest & Greatest in Visual Studio for C++ developers”

• Titus Winters “C++ as a "Live at Head" Language”

• Lars Knoll “Qt as a C++ Framework: History, Present State and Future”

• Matt Godbolt “What Has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Unbolting the Compiler's Lid”

• Olivier Giroux "Designing (New) C++ Hardware”

• Walter E. Brown “Programming with C++ Constraints: Background, Utility, and Gotchas"

• Patrice Roy “Which Machine Am I Coding To?”

• Anastasia Kazakova “New standards to the rescue: the view through an IDE’s glasses”

• Charles Bay “The Quiet Little Gem in Modern C++: <system_error>”

• Rong Lu “C++ Development with Visual Studio Code”

• Toby Allsopp “Coroutines: what can't they do?”

• Ben Deane & Jason Turner “constexpr ALL the Things!”

• J. McNellis, J. Mola, K. Sykes “Time Travel Debugging...”

• Scott Wardle “EA’s Secret Weapon: Packages and Modules”

• Billy Baker “Almost Unlimited Modern C++ in Kernel-Mode Applications”

• Stephen Dewhurst “Modern C++ Interfaces..."