What we're about

We have fun with waking up from old limiting beliefs and patterns to enjoy every moment of life more!

Want a tribe that you feel connected to? Ever felt like the implicit promise of religion wasn't fully delivered on? Like there's got to be more? Or that's not quite it?

We believe that spiritual experiences are shifts inside where you love yourself and others more, and your own uniqueness is let out into the world more. Where you gain more acceptance for what's happening NOW to enjoy life more.

Whether you're Christian, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, or just on your own personal journey. We're all starving for connection in our lives, either to others, ourselves, or our passion. A sense of _feeling_ deeply connected to yourself and others is our journey. We come from different paths and share our _experiences_. Not theoretical ideals, rules, or dogma, but from our own experiences.

We celebrate the power of today's great teachers and systems. We're not broken. Not trying to fix anything. We're finding ways to enjoy _every_ moment of life more. Deeply accepting ourselves, each situation, and others.

We come from backgrounds of real transformational experience with teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Nicole Daedone, Kyle Cease, Mary Morrissey, Brené Brown, Michael Beckwith, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, etc. Using the power of tools such as meditation, desire, gratitude, prayer, praise and worship music, Kaylego, 12-step work, and much more. We have experiences from Landmark, Authentic Relating, Circling, OneTaste, Orgasmic Meditation, Evolving Out Loud, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), 12-step programs, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Center for Spiritual Living (CSL), etc.

We are not a religious group or church. We find the _juice_ in any system and enjoy bringing that here together with like-minded friends. We have sessions together where we may sing, watch a video from one of those teachers and discuss, go through a book study together, play communication games, do visioning practices, etc.

We are a group living life at a 10. Wanting to experience the joy, fun, and play of connecting with others following their own transformational personal development path to living life ALL OUT. We're a tribe of sober conscious intense individuals. Finding ways to take more responsibility of our lives, moving out of victimhood into adult choices, giving back to this world, letting our gift, our soul's music, out.

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Teacher Video Night!

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Teacher Video Night!

Noah's Place

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