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Exploring the alternative spiritual beliefs, based on personal experiences and communications with advanced entities or supposedly "progressed human beings", of intelligent 19th, early 20th century aristocrats, scientists, professors, doctors, journalists, and open-minded clergy of a not-so-long-ago era, that continues even into contemporary times. (not to mention millions of curious investigators and comforted mothers/fathers in the general population over a span of approximately 170 years).
During an age of scientific questioning and exploration when the concepts of evolution were beginning to overturn the long held beliefs of creeds and dogma, Modern Spiritualism began to be looked on as an evolving science, philosophy, and eventual religion that embraced then current scientific discoveries that included psychic phenomena and communications with advanced (human) entities.
While psychic phenomena in the form of death bed visions, precognition, and a slew of others have always haunted mankind from the beginning of human existence, Modern Spiritualism was born in 1848 when 11 year old Katie Fox and her family in Hydesville, NY began hearing "rappings" from purported progressed human entities in their little cottage that communicated intelligently with the Fox family through the rappings . From this humble start, in the scientific quest to understand this phenomenon and the supposed entity communication, "home circles" sprung up everywhere in a sincere attempt to contact "progressed" spirit people from the other side.
Where did people go after they "transitioned" to the other side of life? What is it like in the next stage of existence, after this life? How does the various psychic phenomena relate to the human race? Modern Spiritualism attempted to understand these questions objectively and experientially with an open, critical, inquiring mind that accepted scientific advancement as part of the equation in a partially materialist framework.
This is a discussion group that tries to experiencially uncover the many supposed discoveries of Modern Spiritualism and paranormal phenomena past and present. There is an incredibly large amount of documentation on these topics that deserves being thoroughly explored objectively without prejudice. This group is about open discussion and experimentation regarding any and all phenomena.

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