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Below* is the original reason for the Modern Sports Cars of Arizona (MSCA) Meetup group, from its founder, Josh Herrell. It was compelling enough for me to join in August 2015, so I'm going to leave it here for posterity. 
As the MSCA's current organizer (Josh, unexpectedly stepped down as organizer), I'd like to make this group a bit more inclusive by not limiting it to specific automobile manufacturers. I come from a run-what-you-brung tradition of motorsports, and have had the privilege of driving a range of vehicles, from a Porsche Boxster S to an Acura NSX to an Audi 4000 CS Quattro to a Chevy Chevette, with a hole in the passenger floor board.

  • Tope Oluwole, September 2015

*"Do you own a sports car or a muscle car made after 1995? If you're like me, you've probably noticed that there isn't a lot out there in the way of shows, gatherings, or cruises for you. When you consider that today's sports cars get a lot better mileage, handle much better, and are much safer than the cars of yesteryear, it only makes sense that they should be driven and enjoyed. 
However, I've noticed that most car guys on the internet are on forums or in groups that only pertain to their brand or their particular car. That can be fun, but for a true fan of cars it can also be limiting. If you have just as much respect for the new Mustang or Camaro or SRT Dodge as you do for a good BMW or Audi or Merc, this is the group for you! That's why I decided to create Modern Sports Cars of Arizona. If you have a high performance American or European car from the mid 90s onward and you love to drive it, this is the place to be! 
Membership will be limited to those with American or European sports and/or muscle cars made from around 1995 onward. Doesn't matter if your car is bone stock or has every aftermarket part available. Also, this is a group for responsible adults and you will be expected to conduct yourself as such. 
We'll be holding impromptu and regularly scheduled gatherings all over the Phoenix Metro area, organizing cruise days, racetrack and go kart events, as well as groups to go to Pavilions and eventually organizing our own car shows. If you've ever wanted to go to the dragstrip or a track day, we do plan on scheduling those events during the cooler months. Not sure what to do at the track? No problem! We have members who are veterans of the track that would be happy to show you what you need.
My hope is to grow the group to the point where we can hold regular events and in some way use our good fortune to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. If there's anything else you'd like to see, please say so. The more ideas, the better! 
Make new friends and meet new people who share your passion for cars and driving! [- Josh Herrell, July 2015]"

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