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Modern Devs Charlotte is a group of developers who share knowledge about current and cutting edge software technologies and practices.

Our mission is to facilitate the expansion of knowledge of tools, techniques, and technologies used to create modern software.

We welcome developers of all skill and experience levels to participate in our meetings and events.

Please check out our pages section (https://www.meetup.com/CharlotteAltNet/about/) for detailed information on our schedule and location.

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Node.js - Advanced Basics


Node has revolutionized modern runtimes. Their async by default strategy boasts 3x the throughput of Java. And yet, the language runs 5x slower than C++ (when JS is interpreted). This talk is an advanced intro into the world of Node where we take a closer look under the hood. What's the event loop? Why are there multiple compilers for JS in Node/V8? How many threads are actually used in Node and for what purpose? We'll answer these questions and more as we go over libuv, v8, the node core library, npm, and more. If you're developing with Node, want to start, or are just curious about how it works, please join us! Speaker: Doug Jones Doug is on our leadership team and has presented to us before (though it's been a while). He has been a software developer for over a decade with a focus on the financial industry. He is a Senior Software Engineer II at Credit Karma, working primarily on backend services, and loves learning new things!

Let's talk about software architecture


Have you heard about the evil monolith? What about the majestic microservice? Is that all there is? I constantly see teams discussing how to solve their business problem within the limits of a false dichotomy. Are there any more options? How should we choose an architecture style? In this talk, we'll do a quick tour of common architecture styles and some recommendations on how to choose the best for your given problem. Speaker: Orlando Valdez Orlando is a Senior Software Engineer II at Credit Karma. He is passionate about software engineering, architecture and technology in general. At work, he constantly deals with complex problems, and when not creating them, he sometimes solves them!

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