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Getting started with Microsoft Robotic s Developer Studio 4 and the Kinect

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Getting started with Microsoft Robotic s Developer Studio 4 and the Kinect

The most recent release of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS4) has introduced two very exciting concepts that make building robotic applications a reality to all developers: Kinect and Reference Platform Design specification. The Kinect is the hot device that gives a new perspective on sensing your surroundings. RDS 4 fully supports the Kinect and opens up all kinds of opportunities for awesome applications. Do you want skeletal tracking in a robotics application, RDS 4 gives you that. Do you want to perform obstacle avoidance with Kinect's depth sensor, RDS 4 gives you that. Do you want to simulate a Kinect in a virtual environment to test out your high level code, RDS 4 gives you that. The Reference Platform gives vendors a common design specification for building a working robot that includes sensors, motors and low level control. This allows for a developer that has little hardware experience to get up and running fast. In this session I will introduced you to RDS 4 using the Kinect and an Eddie robot.

Eddie Robot

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