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Are you the mom who doesn't fit in to all the other mom's groups?

Have you found yourself trapped in the Texas suburbs with a tiny person (or persons) who you love more than anything but your neighbor has a Donald Trump flag in their yard and it makes no sense?

Do you want to make like-minded friends to talk to about being a mom but also to discuss politics, television, books, movies, US Weekly, and what cute things are at Target right now?

Are you new to being a mom and/or new to staying at home after kicking ass at work? Are you over 30 (or 40) and tired of strangers sometimes assuming your kid is your grandkid?

Or are you just looking for a different group of people for interesting conversation/fun activities with the kids and without? Are you progressive, liberal, open-minded, sarcastic and/or hilarious?

We get along with all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, but full disclosure (this isn't Austin after all): most of us practice the religion of "don't be a jerk", get our news from NPR vs. Fox News, and worship at the altar of John Oliver/John Stewart/Stephen Colbert. If any of this makes you gag, this is probably not your scene.

If you're still reading this, crack open a beer because we DO exist!

Modern Moms, Badass Babies (MMBB) activities are mostly geared toward the infant/toddler/preschooler crew. We meet up at playgrounds, indoor play spaces, museums, libraries, and anywhere else that sounds fun and has the potential to wear out our kids/induce them to nap. We also do some mom-only activities including mom's night outs and a book club.

An active group is a rad group, so we require that all new members attend at least 2-3 events per month. The vast majority of our meetups are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. If your work schedule or your child's preschool schedule conflicts with these days, this is unfortunately not the group for you. Although many of us are stay at home moms, we also have several members who work outside the home with flexible or part time schedules. That said, please do not submit an application if you work full time on weekdays and can’t be an active member.

Note: we love you first time pregnant ladies who are so on top of it that you're already looking for other cool moms to hang with. But trust us, you aren't going to want to drag your post-partum ass out of the house right away so enjoy a few weeks of Netflix binging while bonding with your baby before submitting an application.

As for those of you that don't live within a 30 minute driving range of Grapevine/Colleyville/Southlake, we know you think you'd be willing to make the trek out to meet up with us, but from past experience we have found that most people who live that far away don't tend to maintain an active attendance record. So please don't apply unless you are seriously committed!

We want to be as straightforward as possible in letting you know what this group is about and not wasting anyone's time, so MMBB might not be a good fit if:

You don't want to hear people complain about 45
You don't vaccinate your kids for any reason other than a legit medical issue.
You would be horrified at the sight of a fellow mom enjoying an occasional mimosa at a play date.
You would be outraged if you heard a mom refer to her kid as an asshole (not within earshot of the child, of course).
You are a judgy sanctimommy about any of the following issues: breastfeeding vs. formula, cloth diapers vs. disposable, feeding your kids fast food sometimes, screen time, or any of the other potentially hot-button parenting issues.

Finally, since we do keep the group under 50 people, we unfortunately aren't able to accept all the cool chicks who are interested. We know how difficult it can be to wrestle the iPhone away from the toddler, but please take some time to thoughtfully answer the profile questions so we can really get a sense of who you are. We try to review applications at least every other month, but we do have small children to care for and houses to avoid cleaning and TV to watch and wine that needs drinking, so we can't always respond to your applications right away.

Deidre, Lora, Cana, and Rachel (in figurehead spirit only)

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